Scorpio New Moon :: Life. Death. Rebirth

November 17, 2017

Opening ourselves to the mysteries of Scorpio's lessons is to enter into the portal of life, death and rebirth, but are you brave enough to descend into the underworld? In today's podcast I make a pretty compelling arguement that it is SO worth it to go in deep to gather the gems of wisdom in the mystery school of Scorpio. In life we must take the bitter with the sweet, but it's the way we approach our lessons that makes taking our medicine more or less unpleasant. There is much to be learned about this paradoxical process from the wisdom of Scorpio. We are here to be alive and I implore you to make sweet love to your life!

Wise Women Conversation about Ancestral Healing with Carrie Jordan

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Intro and Outro track excerpts from Train to Ikekeburo by Art Of Escapism


Leo Quarter Moon :: Letting Go With the Waning Flow

November 10, 2017

Are you experiencing burnout? Feeling a little brittle at the end of a busy week? Currently the astro energy is especially conducive to helping us let go of shadow Leo tendencies. Today's podcast encourages you to commit to clearing with ease, that which no longer serves you. Maybe you're feeling fit as a fiddle and ready to tackle a big project like cleaning the garage (gofor it!) or maybe it's all you can do to muster the strength required to put one foot in front of the other (I feel you), but if you can consciously make some space (let go) you'll be rewarded by that preparation work! Energy can be low in the waning so be gentle, but do take advantage of the waning tide!


Intro and Outro track excerpts from Train to Ikekeburo by Art Of Escapism


Full Moon in Taurus :: Ripe for Creation

November 3, 2017

A sensual silver orb comes to fruition this weekend as the full moon in Taurus ripens above us. This sweet moon beckons us to enjoy Venusian pleasures. It's also an absolutely divine time to invoke the powers of creation. Harness this potent moon to sow more seeds of love in your life! Today's podcast is a both a tap dance across many topics and an invitation to tap into your creative potential! Love is what it is all about.   

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Intro and Outro track excerpts by Train to Ikekeburo by Art Of Escapism


Samhain or Halloween?! Witch, please tell me what you mean!

October 31, 2017

A special (recorded on my) Birthday edition of the podcast! I weigh in on the call out/in to"Spiritual White Women" and echo the refrain to knock the spiritual-bypassing, or as I like to call it, light washing, right off! A quick lesson on the differences between Halloween, Samhain, and Dia de los Muertos sprinkled with some suggestions on how to appropriately (not appropriatingly) celebrate during this liminal and most magical time of the year. Warm New Year wishes to all who follow the Celtic calendar!


Libra New Moon :: The Crossroads of Relationship

October 19, 2017

How many of you have ever said, or thought that your life would sometimes be so much easier if it weren’t for all of the other people in it? It certainly feels true at times! It would also be void of so much meaning and the opportunity to evolve as a human because it is through the tension of relationship that we grow (and don’t forget that sometimes that tension can be sublime!) The current call from the stars is one of self mastery. Do not fear or be apprehensive because we can utilize the influx of Scorpio’s energy (Jupiter, Mercury, & Sun on the 22nd) of transformation to perform the necessary healing alchemy on ourselves, our relationships and the world around us. That is the grander context of this call to self mastery. There is urgency, you feel it, better heed the call! If you are unclear about which direction to take, or just want to be sure you find your best footing today's podcast contains an invitation to perform a ritual to the Goddess of the Crossroads, Hecate. 

Quoted text from Pat Liles website The Power Path

Intro and Outro track excerpts by Train to Ikekeburo by Art Of Escapism



Jupiter Enters Scorpio :: Let’s Dance

October 13, 2017

Put on your red shoes, we are descending into the underworld so we might as well get down along the way. Jupiter entered Scorpio on October 10th and Scorpionic themes coupled with concepts of expansion and fortune will be ripe for exploration over the next thirteen months. Today's sermon is a sacred ramble exploring the topics of the dark goddess, divine feminine/divine masculine, social justice and environmental calamity, as well as several impassioned calls to back up our earth based spiritual beliefs with action. We have entered a potent portal for transformation. Will you use your power for good or for evil? Jupiter makes everything it touches bigger, including today's podcast.   


Aries Full Moon :: Be the Heroine of your Life

October 5, 2017

The powerful Aries full moon is upon us and emotions are running high in the collective. Relationship dynamics will keep the opportunities for growth coming well into the next month. Sometimes there is not much we can control except for our own reactions to the events around us. Knowing our hearts and minds through honest assessment is an important tool for navigating these interesting times. To help us take an honest account of ourselves this week's podcast contains a soothing release ritual courtesy of Csilla Toth from Morning Star Reiki in Portland OR. Utilize the power of this full moon to release that which is no longer serving you in order to invite your heart's desire to enter your life in the coming new year.

Origianal Painting, Fire, by Erin Duffy Osswald (yours truly)

Intro and Outro track excerpts by Train to Ikekeburo by Art Of Escapism


Capricorn Quarter Moon :: Lessons of the North

September 27, 2017

This weeks installment is a reflection on my weekend at the 25th Celebrating Women Gathering held annually at Boulder Hot Springs Spa and Hotel and some of the insights I brought home with me. The experience of living in Women's Space for three days is extraordinary and re-entry into the 'real world' is never quite as smooth as I would like. This time was especially interesting as I surfaced into a literal firestorm of ideology unfolding in our culture. I add some thoughts to how the stars influence our human behavior, as my ultra cool mythology professor, Dr. Michael Sexson always said, "There is nothing new under the sun!" I examine what it means to sit in the North of the medicine wheel and invite listeners to prepare for the next big turn of the wheel at Samhain. 



Virgo New Moon :: Bringing Beauty to Healing Work

September 20, 2017

On today's podcast I discuss the interesting "Cuspy" new moon situation we find ourselves in for the next several months and how to blend all of these astrological flavors together for optimum use. In the instance of Virgo/Libra energy I pose the question, "How can we bring beauty to our healing work?" The toolkit takeaway is a practical grounding technique I was taught by Starhawk on an historic hazlenut farm, many moons ago in Springfield, Oregon. 


Waning Moon Transmutation Meditation

September 14, 2017

As the sun in Virgo makes it's way towards the Autumnal equinox and ingress into Libra, and the waning moon traverses through Gemini, Cancer and Leo winding down to the dark moon, the astrological conditions are perfect for releasing that which no longer serves us and transmuting thoughts, emotions and ways of expresion which are not in alignment with our integrity. Today's podcast contains a meditation designed to forge an alliance with an elemental ally to let that sh!t go. Harmonizing personal intentions with the symphony of the stars is what we're all about!