Aries Full Moon :: Be the Heroine of your Life

October 5, 2017

The powerful Aries full moon is upon us and emotions are running high in the collective. Relationship dynamics will keep the opportunities for growth coming well into the next month. Sometimes there is not much we can control except for our own reactions to the events around us. Knowing our hearts and minds through honest assessment is an important tool for navigating these interesting times. To help us take an honest account of ourselves this week's podcast contains a soothing release ritual courtesy of Csilla Toth from Morning Star Reiki in Portland OR. Utilize the power of this full moon to release that which is no longer serving you in order to invite your heart's desire to enter your life in the coming new year.

Origianal Painting, Fire, by Erin Duffy Osswald (yours truly)

Intro and Outro track excerpts by Train to Ikekeburo by Art Of Escapism