Libra New Moon :: The Crossroads of Relationship

October 19, 2017

How many of you have ever said, or thought that your life would sometimes be so much easier if it weren’t for all of the other people in it? It certainly feels true at times! It would also be void of so much meaning and the opportunity to evolve as a human because it is through the tension of relationship that we grow (and don’t forget that sometimes that tension can be sublime!) The current call from the stars is one of self mastery. Do not fear or be apprehensive because we can utilize the influx of Scorpio’s energy (Jupiter, Mercury, & Sun on the 22nd) of transformation to perform the necessary healing alchemy on ourselves, our relationships and the world around us. That is the grander context of this call to self mastery. There is urgency, you feel it, better heed the call! If you are unclear about which direction to take, or just want to be sure you find your best footing today's podcast contains an invitation to perform a ritual to the Goddess of the Crossroads, Hecate. 

Quoted text from Pat Liles website The Power Path

Intro and Outro track excerpts by Train to Ikekeburo by Art Of Escapism