Scorpio New Moon :: Life. Death. Rebirth

November 17, 2017

Opening ourselves to the mysteries of Scorpio's lessons is to enter into the portal of life, death and rebirth, but are you brave enough to descend into the underworld? In today's podcast I make a pretty compelling arguement that it is SO worth it to go in deep to gather the gems of wisdom in the mystery school of Scorpio. In life we must take the bitter with the sweet, but it's the way we approach our lessons that makes taking our medicine more or less unpleasant. There is much to be learned about this paradoxical process from the wisdom of Scorpio. We are here to be alive and I implore you to make sweet love to your life!

Wise Women Conversation about Ancestral Healing with Carrie Jordan

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Intro and Outro track excerpts from Train to Ikekeburo by Art Of Escapism